SenSaaS! Acumatica INTEGRATION

Integration of SenSaaS! into your Acumatica ERP helps enhance your business processes while ensuring improved control over all aspects of your company’s operations. Boost your return on investment by integrating SenSaaS! into Acumatica.


Integrate SenSaaS! into the different Acumatica modules and configure to support and consolidate head office, subsidiary and divisional activities.

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce compliance-related corrections.

Integrate and validate data extracted via a single, unified platform.

Enhance your return on investment in Acumatica by integrating data from several sources with a view to automating order processing, reconciliation operations and report production.



Need to reduce manual data entry in EBS?

Need to reduce manual data entry in EBS?

If your organization has a large volume of invoices requiring manual input, that's time spent on a low-value activity. And now with the pandemic, limited access to the workplace is accelerating the need to reduce manual intervention. We're proud to announce that we've...

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