SenSaaS! connects quickly, easily and directly to your ERP system.

Connected systems provide you with the knowledge and insight needed to make enlightened, strategic business decisions based on real time data, while reducing the time required to enter and process data across multiple systems.


Robust and fully customizable, SenSaaS! quickly becomes a highly functional, integral part of your business process and IT environments. systems give you the insight to make strategic business decisions based on data, reducing process time required to manage data entry in multiple systems.  

A complete integrated invoice automation that accelerates payables processing.

Optimize your invoice 
management process and maximize ROI.

Lower invoice processing costs and enhance the workflow process.

Increase visibility throughout the entire A/P process.

Streamline your accounts payable process and increase the efficiency of your business

Extend the value of your Sage ERP with the fully integrated invoice-to-pay solution.

‘”SenSaaS! held particular appeal to myself as CFO and our IT manager as the project was simple and fast with no capital outlay. From concept to business use was less than 2 months, programming and data exchange with our ERP was very well managed by INTEGRIM. The INTEGRIM team were attentive to our business needs and focused on developing a solution that was right for us – no forcing us into an off-the-shelf solution!”

Former CFO of EVW - Lisa MacLean

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