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Automate repetitive manual tasks and processes

Let robotic process automation (RPA) manage your business processes. Disparate, unintegrated systems can lead to costly, time-consuming duplicate data entry and abundant, low value‑added tasks for employees.

Robotic process automation can be programmed to mimic manual tasks in internal or external systems, on the Web or anywhere else employees collect or share data. RPA eliminates errors, delivers 100% data accuracy and creates the proper connections to ERP solutions.

INTEGRIM robots manage digital processes designed to automate tasks and procedures across your organization from finance and accounting to customer service.


Collect, collate and validate information

Synthesize and analyze structured and unstructured data

Record and transfer information and data

Calculate a position or value and/or determine action to be initiated

Communicate with and assist users, clients and customers

Orchestrate and manage activities

Monitor, pinpoint and report on operating performance

Learn, anticipate and forecast


Cost-effectiveness: RPA streamlines various structured processes at reduced cost.

Error avoidance: RPA reduces errors and lowers levels of operating risks by limiting human intervention.

Efficiency: RPA ensures lean, 24/7 operating efficiency, with no downtime and no training.

Agility: RPA enhances capacity by providing for more agile business processes and visibility for clearly defining governance procedures.

Scalability: RPA can be easily scaled up or down in accordance with demand.

Performance: RPA helps businesses grow by unlocking their people potential.


SenSaaS! Account Payable

SenSaaS! AP, PO Automation and, Document Archiving

SenSaaS! AP, HR, Payment Control and Document Archiving

Electronic HR Documents Management

SenSaaS! AP, PO Automation and, Lockbox

SenSaaS! AP, AR, and Payment Control

Account Payable and, Related Documents Automation

SenSaaS! Account Payable

Flexible installation plans: cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid


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