Operating efficiency: Leverage digital mailroom and document-driven processes

Looking to automate your organization’s operating infrastructure? INTEGRIM can help you integrate data across systems for use by multiple users, implement paperless processes and institute proactive customer communications.

INTEGRIM automation solutions help you replace paper with digital documents that can be readily searched, accessed, managed and processed.

Our SenSaaS! platform automates all accounts payable operations, including invoice processing, cheque requests and payments, expense report management and employee reimbursements.

Documents are processed using control systems and traceability features for every task requiring approval from document imaging during the automation process to action taken by users involved in the process.


Automation of new account openings

Digital mailroom

Operational reporting and compliance

Automation of financial data transactions and reporting

Unstructured document data extraction and analysis


Improve visibility

Enhance business efficiency

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Enjoy access to automated support

Standardize business rules

Lower costs


Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

Insurance Group Process Document Automation

Accounts Payable Automation

SenSaaS! Account Payable

Scanning Claims and Finantial Management

Electronic Claim Files Management

SenSaaS! Account Payable

Plans d’installation flexibles: en nuage, sur site ou hybride


Need to reduce manual data entry in EBS?

Need to reduce manual data entry in EBS?

If your organization has a large volume of invoices requiring manual input, that's time spent on a low-value activity. And now with the pandemic, limited access to the workplace is accelerating the need to reduce manual intervention. We're proud to announce that we've...

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