AndréDenis WEB

PRESIDENT & chief technology officer


Co-founder and shareholder of INTEGRIM, André manages the general operations of the enterprise and supervises technology monitoring and R&D efforts.

Drawing from a broad range of experience in the implementation of solutions for the capture, process automation, ECM, and with a profound understanding of how organizations function, André plays a leading role in the conception of solution architecture.

With more than 25 years leading Integrim, André is recognized in the IT automation industry as a visionary.

MarcVoyer WEB



Since 2008, Marc manages the marketing, partnerships and sales functions. His role has been to offer many automation solutions involving a multitude of document types. In 2010, Marc becomes shareholder of INTEGRIM.

Marc has training in IT Management combined with over 20 years of experience, including several years as the manager of the business documents production division of a large IT firms. Throughout his career, he has specialized in document automation and processing projects.

More recently, Marc has taken on the function of Commercial Leader, focusing his efforts on the expansion of both the INTEGRIM domestic and international markets.


Chief Delivery Officer


Sylvain joined INTEGRIM in 2006 to manage a new division that aims to develop, deploy and operate cloud-based digital conversion and data extraction solutions.

In 2008, Sylvain began managing the SenSaaS Web-based operational solution. In 2010, he becomes shareholder.

Sylvain has over 15 years’ experience in managing digital conversion production teams and in operating largely scanning and indexing centers.

In 2017, he takes ownership of the Delivery Process, consolidating both the integration and production folds of the INTEGRIM operation.

DanielDesgagné WEB

Chief Operating Officer


Over the past 25 years, driven by values such as transparency, listening, integrity, personal excellence and especially teamwork, working as a senior executive for companies in many industries in both the domestic and international markets, Daniel has exhibited an innate flair for optimizing business performance.

He started his career at IBM Canada in sales, then joined the Desjardins Group at age 28 as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Communications for Assurances générales des Caisses Desjardins, participating in the implementation of the Bank-Insurance concept that grew the business from 90M$ to 400M$.

In the following years, his career as an executive is marked by his contributions to the success of different-sized companies such as Alexander Proudfoot Management Consulting PLC (Senior Vice President, Eastern Canada), Bell Canada (Vice President, Corporate Markets), San Francisco Group (President, Speciality Store Operations) and Fabrication Christina Amérique (President).

Over the following years, Daniel returned to the information technology sector to lead two software companies, including Geo-3d, where he was the president and an investor. After first bolstering its sales, he led a transaction that culminated in the acquisition of Geo-3d by California-based Trimble Navigation Systems at more than twice the estimated value anticipated by the original shareholders.

More recently, after conducting several executive management mandates within different technology companies, he became, in 2017, COO and shareholder at INTEGRIM, a leader in the Electronic Content  Management field.

As passionate in his personal life as in his professional life, Daniel is an avid sportsman who practices hockey, tennis, golf and skiing with his signature intensity in his spare time..