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of invoices are still received by paper and emailis the average cost to process an invoiceof organizations make it to $1/invoice


SenSaaS for Accounts Payable eliminates manual data entry, updates your ERP or Accounting system and improves your Business Process with a complete customizable workflow in the Cloud for a better efficiency.

From day one, login to our portal, scan from your browser and collaborate with your colleagues. Built around highly recognized capture and extraction products, SenSaaS services can process any type of invoice from any source in any format (paper, fax, electronic, PDF, EDI, xml, etc.). Process, Approve and Access your invoices and related documents instantaneously from anywhere with any device in a highly secure environment.




  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Seamless integration in your ERP system
  • Approval Process Automation (customized workflow)
  • Easy document recall and access
  • Faster processing
  • Process legality
  • Growth support and easy training
  • Adapted to your process


  • No software purchase
  • No maintenance or support fee’s
  • Fast implementation (no infrastructure)
  • Reduce the cost of manual data entry
  • Reduce the amount of paper used in your business
  • Reduce the space required to store your documents
  • Ability to take advantage of early pay discounts
  • Unlimited number of users without fee’s
  • Pay as you go