André Denis, General Manager

Co-founder of INTEGRIM, André manages the general operations of the enterprise and supervises technology monitoring and R&D efforts.

With more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of solutions for the capture, process automation, ECM, and with a profound understanding of how organizations function, André plays a leading role in solution architecture.

Sylvain Lebel, Vice-President, SenSaaS Operations

Sylvain joined INTEGRIM in 2006 to direct the operations of a new division that aims to develop, deploy and operate cloud-based digital conversion and data extraction solutions. He started managing the SenSaaS solution in 2008 and two years later became partner.

Sylvain has over 15 years’ experience in managing digital conversion production teams and in operating large scanning and indexing centres.

Marc Voyer, President

Since 2008, Marc manages the marketing, partnerships and sales functions. His role is to offer many automation solutions involving a wide range of document types. In 2010, Marc became partner.

Marc has a background in computer science and over 20 years of experience, including several years as the manager of the business documents production division of a large IT firm. Throughout his career, he worked on document automation and processing projects.